We Recruit and Outsource Staff for the Hospitality industry.

Outsourcing Staff

This includes bringing staff on board to assist our clients on a one-off basis during events and functions.

Recruitment / Placement

Casual / Temporary staff

This includes selecting and Interviewing suitable candidates for temporary or permanent jobs as requested by our clients.


Waiters Housekeepers Drivers
Bar men Cleaners Tea-Girls
Cooks & Chefs Supervisors Front Office personnel
Butcher men Hosts & Ushers Storekeepers


We offer training in the following areas to our staff and clients:

  • Customer Care
  • Housekeeping / Cleaning
Recruiting For Hospitality Industry

Krystal being a one-stop shop assists the hospitality industry in identifying and recruiting suitable personnel for the industry.

Training in Customer Care

To help build capacity in the hospitality industry, Krystal offers training in Customer Care and Management.

Training In Housekeeping

We have professional Housekeepers who train new cleaners and house managers.